RORZE offers both atmospheric and Vacuum Robots and substrate handling products to the industy. Rorze has already an installed base for leading edge products for the 450mm platform, EUV substrate handling and Custom cluster for High Throughput Screening applications

FPD (Glass) Handling

Cassette Station (Classification 1100 * 1250) RRG80

Features :

  • A highly rigid CFRP end effector uses a special shape (patent pending) that reduces the┬ábending of the substrate in order to avoid interference with the cassette. The end effector is also compatible with 0.5mm thick substrates. A substrate misalignment detection sensor is also built in.
  • Long distance transfer of over 10m at high speed is made possible with the accurate rack-and-pinion robot transfer axis.
  • The cassette station has a segmented structure at each stage that facilitates compatibility with AGV, MGV. RGV and stockers.
  • The cassette positioning mechanism is equipped with a floating structure to control particles generated from the bottom of the cassette
  • Patented end effects & know-how to manage low particle count with clean robot on a large unit.


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