RORZE offers both atmospheric and Vacuum Robots and substrate handling products to the industy. Rorze has already an installed base for leading edge products for the 450mm platform, EUV substrate handling and Custom cluster for High Throughput Screening applications

ROBOT Incubator SCAL120

Brand-new ! CO2 Incubator with the Patent Pending technology

  1. NO drive system in the incubation area
    • Free from the mechanical corrosion & trouble caused by the high humidity !
    • Free from the fluttering by the drive system !
    • Easy mount/dismount of the racks and the carousel w/o any tool
    • Ultraclean and flat surface in the incubation area
  2. Advanced temperature control
    • Dry heat sterilization
    • Quick heating by direct heater w/o water or air jacket
    • PID control by zone division independence
  3. Supporting the interface with external robotics system
    • Automated get-in and put-out one-by-one plate
    • High through-put ( tact time = 24 sec. mean.) !
    • Easy manual setting through the back door !
    • At one go Setting on/off by a rack with 20 plates



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