RORZE offers both atmospheric and Vacuum Robots and substrate handling products to the industy. Rorze has already an installed base for leading edge products for the 450mm platform, EUV substrate handling and Custom cluster for High Throughput Screening applications

HTS Pipetting Solution

The EDR-384SX model is a 12 stage 96/384/1536- well simultaneous dispensing-type compact workstation that uses the high dispensing unit of our popular EDR series.

Hign-precision minute-volume dispensing once-piece disposable tip cylinder head:-

- Achieves highly reproducible high-precision dispensing of minute volumes, as little as 0.1µL capacity disposable tips BST-5.

CV<= 5% 1536ch 0.1µL dry dispensing

CV<= 3% 1536ch 0.5µL dry dispensing

Large-Volume stacker for automatic supply of plates and tip racks.

  • One large-volume stacker capable of holding up to 50 microplates can be installed on each side of the EDR-3845X. Installation of 2 stackers enables fast and continuous dispensing work.
  • In addition to deep-well plates, the large -volume stacker can also carry tip racks.
    (roughly 15 deep-well plates)
  • As the slide table of the stacker can extend from both the dispenser side and the opposing exterior side, a robot arm can be used to coordinates easily with other machines.

Specification and Prices


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